Monday, March 16, 2009

My boys have come up with some creative ideas for play much to their mother’s dismay; unfortunately it is almost always either destructive or dangerous. They have both taken to dumping the entire shelf of books on the floor and then climbing in for a better perspective. They have also figured out how to both ride the little rocking horse we purchased with only one of them in mind. I guess it’s not so bad if you’re the brother who takes a flying leap after gathering enough speed for the lighter one, and the horse, uncontrollably summersault completing their rotations only when something, usually hard, stops them from rolling. In the spirit of good parenting dad stood by and got it all on film! Here is what I’ll show you.

We always try to keep close tabs on the Elders (LDS Missionaries) in our area. I think we spent such a long time as single adults we feel an affiliation with others who are single adults now. We’ve tried to ensure they have some few comforts of home along their weary way. It has continued to be a source of joy for our family. I’m sure it will be such for years to come. Welcome to the family!! Today the District got together for a little competitive sport and a BBQ. Charcoal meat is not something these elders receive from eating out and those few dinner appointments. And can you believe; they liked it. A reminder of a world apart. Here are few of the shots I took.
Church Ball has nothing on these guys! E. Web & E. Williams
Today's MVP

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some days I look at my two boys and I see such a resemblance. It is almost as if they might have been twins in the pre-existence. But then I see them do things like this and I know for sure that each is a unique and mysterious Son of God.

Zack gives the orders around the house. With his protective head gear he is ready for battle on any level and he wants the world to know. Now if he could just get the darn thing to fit!

Jakob is an exacting soul. He gets quite upset when things do not go the way he planned. He’s always ready with a witty remark or gesture when Dad has the camera out.

I’ve been very slow at getting photos on the blog. Actually, I’m wondering if anyone even reds what I’ve placed here. Is my entire witticism going to waist? I have not, however, been slow at taking photos so let me share a few with you.

Marrian wanted me to capture a few photos extolling Zack and Jakob through their face and sweet smile. Here are a few of the many photos I’ve taken of the boys trying to get their personality captured in their face.

The boys and I have also had fun in the park now that the weather is warmer. Here are a few photos of what each boys is learning.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I have determined that in order to improve my picture taking ability I will participate in as many photo contests as possible. I have reviewed a few websites and settled on at least participating in the Popular Photo “Your Best Shot” contest. The magazine allows each participant to submit five photos per month. They then review the entries and pick three to appear in the magazine. Each winner receives $100. Such is the luck. Of course I would love to win and receive some money but it would be something else to be able to say I was a published photog. Now that would make me look professional. What say you?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My children have been sick for the past few days. Oh what is a person to do when couped up in the house for extended periods of seemingly inexhaustible time. Well we built forts in the living room and I took photos. We took all the “large” blankets out from where they were more purposefully being used, moved every available chair, and used every principle of physics known to a three year old and his becoming father to build what turn out to be a fantabulous structure. I'm sure the castles of old would have palled in comparison. A vision of splender, at least to the three year old and his little brother. Then began the contest of the photos. The three year old, in his young life, has already figured out the “photo face”. He waits until just the right moment and thing springs it on the unsuspecting few who are brave enough to venture. Red carpet material? I'd like to think so!!

Once the boys had had their fun I tested my prowess and creativity. A test of skill? A test of art? Or maybe utter boredom? I'd just be satisfied with something fun to do. I took the shot thinking I would be able to get a cool image of the room. Yet this unfamiliar form kept showing up. After consideration I realized a photo of the room and me would be a most lethal combination. Thus you have it. Mere creativity and curiosity.
My first “Guinea Pigs”! A loving family we know well invited me to experience a German New Years. To their surprise and I'm sure to their chagrin I took along my camera. Photog first right? I had recently introduced the family to Geocaching. They felt it might be fun to journey though the woods in search of caches above the small town where they live. I'm sure the temperature was well below zero, but the views were impressive and the company was grand. The light falls early in Germany so you can imagine the light was not optimal for an up and becoming Photog such as myself. That didn't stop me. I shot a lot of, ah... well Nothing!! I couldn't tell when the light stopped and the blurs began. I had no idea what happened to my subjects between what I saw and what the camera saw. I'm glad I had that fun and exciting family to guide me along. I learned the process that if I ever shot again at night I'm taking my tripod. I will also be sure to bring some of my own artificial light. The following are a few shots that actually turned out fairly, ah... OK? The first shot is of our fearless leader. The last two shots are of the Germany family during the hike and afterwards, snuggled on the couch in their warm home. No editing, other than cropping, was conducted on these photos.